Questions with ‘which’ in simple tense


The word  ‘which’ is used for both persons and things.

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Sentences in Simple Present Tense

  1. Which is your dad?                                        
  2. Which are your pens?                                   
  3. Which do you like?                                         
  4. Which is his bag?                                             
  5. Which are your documents?                         


Sentences in Simple Past Tense

  1. Which were your notebooks?                                         
  2. Which was his bag?                                                         
  3. Which did she like?                                                         
  4. Which was your mother among those women?           
  5. Which book did you keep?                                             


Sentences in Simple Future Tense

  1. Which will you take?                                     
  2. Which shall I buy?                                           
  3. Which will he accept?                                     
  4. Which will you drink?                                     
  5. Which dress will she afford?                         
  6. Which books will they sell?                           


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