Cries of Animals

Animal             Word for cry

Hog               -    grunt

Horse          -      neigh

Hound        -      bay

Hyena        -      scream, laugh

Jackal        -       howl

Kitten       -       mew

Lamb       -       bleat

Lion         -       roar

Magpie   -       chatter

Monkey   -     chatter   , gibber, hoop

Mouse    -      squeak

Oxe        -   bellow

Pig          -   grunt, squeal

Puppy    -   yelp

Rabbit    -    squeak

Seagull   -    scream

Seal       -    bark

Serpent   -   hiss

Sheep     -     bleat

Snake     -   hiss

Tiger      -     growl, roar

Turkey   -   gobble

 Wolf    -   howl, yell

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