What Is The Collective Noun For a Group of Sheep Called?

There are several collective nouns for a group of sheep. Sheep are friendly animals and like to live with others and move as a group. Sometimes you travel and suddenly see so many sheep moving together. You have a question: What is the collective noun for a group of sheep called? We can use some common as well as unique words for a group of sheep. We will discuss 12 collective nouns for a group of sheep in this topic. Let’s have a look-

12 Collective Nouns for a Group of Sheep

1. Flock of sheep

The most common collective noun for a group of sheep is called a flock. Farmers keep a small number of sheep on farms. Usually, a farmer's flock can be of two sheep to 200 or more ewes with their lambs—Farmers tame sheep for milk and wool. We call a person shepherd who takes care of or leads a group of sheep. 


  • We saw a flock grazing in the grassland.
  • A flock is moving towards their shed.

There are less frequently used other collective nouns for a group of sheep. Now, we will discuss them one by one. 

2. Herd of sheep

Farmers keep sheep in fenced pastures. Sheep get their food inside the fence. And it doesn't require a particular person to take them outside to feed them. These are in large numbers. 

Usually, we use the word herd to describe a group of grazing sheep. We can use the word 'herd' alone; still, it represents a group of sheep. We use a herd for a bigger group of sheep. 


  • A shepherd that resides near that tree has large sheep. In the morning, he gives food to the herd.
  • A herd of sheep seems so fluffy. 

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3. Band

The larger group of sheep is called a band. A band can be of 900 to 1000 ewes. It becomes of around 2500 to 3000 with the births of lambs.


  • The farmer moved his band of 3000 sheep to his village; he transported it by truck.

4. Drove of sheep

Sometimes, there are a large number of sheep in a group and that immense mass of sheep acts or moves as a body. We can name such a large mass of sheep as a drove. Drove refers to how sheep are taken care of.

So, drove is another collective noun for a group of sheep.


  • Before some time, the grassland was green. A drove came to the land, and it changed to white as snow.
  • A shepherd called a barber to shave his sheep and drove is waiting for him. 

5. Fold

Another word for a group of sheep we can use is 'fold. In English grammar, a collective noun is a word that refers to a group or collection. Most of the collective names are familiar. But some collective nouns are unique, and we use them for specific species. And, a word fold we can use for a group of sheep.


  • I saw a fold of white sheep sitting under a tree.
  • The fold of white sheep grew this year to a hundred.

6. Mob

Sometimes there are specific types of sheep of the same breed in a group. Those are grown up in the same climate condition. We can call that group of same-breed sheep a mob.


  • Sheep can swim. A mob of sheep was crossing the river by swimming without any hesitation.
  • A mob of sheep was standing in heavy rain, so a shepherd took them to a shed.

7. Fall

Another word we can use for a group of sheep is fall.


  • While travelling, I saw a fall of sheep walking by the road. It seemed so beautiful.
  • A fall of sheep was running through the field.

8. Drift

We can use the word drift for a group of sheep moving slowly and aimlessly. That is, a collective noun drift refers to the movement of the sheep.


  • She busted to laugh, seeing the drift of sheep. It was new to her.
  • Usually, we can see sheep's drifts returning from pasture in the evening.

9. Trip

We use the word trip to refer to a group of sheep moving simultaneously and frequently. The collective noun 'trip' is rarely used.


  • I always see a trip of sheep walking around the field when I travel by this road.
  • We passed the hotel, and a trip of sheep came into view. We had to stop our car till it went down the road.

More names for a group of sheep are-

  1. Wing
  2. Down
  3. Hurtle


 12 collective nouns for a group of sheep we have discussed here that we can use. Have a look-

  1. flock 
  2. Herd
  3. Band
  4. drove 
  5. fold
  6. mob
  7. fall
  8. drift  
  9. trip
  10. wing
  11. down
  12. hurtle 

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What is the Collective Noun for a Group of Lions called?

We know that a collective noun is a noun for a group. Here, we shall discuss the collective noun for a group of lions.

Lions are the strongest predators in wildlife. Male lions have a mane that makes them look impressive. They are considered the rulers of the animal kingdom.

There are 5 collective nouns for lions we can use. Let's have a look-

5 Collective nouns for a group of lions

1. Troop| a group of lions

So, when lions are together, we say they are in a group. And the collective noun for a group of lions is called a troop. There is always one lion that leads, whether they are wandering or hunting.


  • A troop of lions was roaming around the trees.
  • A troop of lions seems scary, so I don't go on safari.

2. Pride of the lions

Lions are always together with their families. We can use the term pride and refer to them as the pride of lions when there are female lions, especially with both sexes' cubs. The male lion, the father of all the cubs, guards the pride. A pride consists of around 10 to 15 lions. There are some adult males and females with their cubs. Maximum members in the pride can be 35.

When young males mature, they leave pride, and females stay in pride permanently. The other male lion fights with the adult male lion to defeat him. The stronger male lion defeats others and becomes a part of the pride.

"A group of lions is collectively called a pride because of their stately quality."

Lions are at the top of the food chain; therefore, they are considered royals.


  • we saw the pride of the lions sitting on the road.
  • Have you seen the pride of lions in the zoo that forest officers rescued recently?

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3. Coalition of lions

When there are male lions in the group, that group is called a coalition of lions. A coalition of male lions watches the pride. These male lions are those who left their maternal pride after growing up. Usually, the brothers are in a coalition, and later on, each brother will have their own pride. The coalition of brother lions patrols the territory that lives all of their pride. Another coalition kills all the cubs of the brother lion coalition and defeats the coalition, and the lionesses become part of the new coalition of brother lions. Coalitions fight with each other for pride.


  • They saw the coalition of lions riverside.
  • The coalition of lions goes hunting together to get their prey.
  • The coalition of lionesses was sitting calmly under the tree.

4. Sowse of lions

Another collective noun for the lions is Sowse. We can use Sowse for the group of lions that coexist.


  • Scientists have been studying the sowse of lions for a long time.
  • Sowse of lions looked beautiful.

5. Sault

Lions rest on tree branches, and when they come down, they seem graceful. The meaning of sault is an action of leaping down. Therefore, lions coexisting with one another are called a sault of lions.


  • We saw a large sault of lions while travelling through the jungle.


Collective nouns for groups of lions are-

  1. Troop
  2. Pride
  3. Coalition
  4. Sowse
  5. Sault

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the collective noun of cubs of Lion?

Cubs live with their mother, and the collective noun of lions is pride.

2. What are 2 lions called?

We have seen above that lions live with their family, known as pride. A pride may comprise from 2 to 40 lions, including up to two, three, or four males, many females, and their young ones.

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  44. How many meals do you have every day?
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  46. What do you think? Does alcohol affect our bodies?
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  6. What does blood do in the body of animals?
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  12. Where is the donated blood stored?
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  14. Does a Covid vaccinated person donate blood?
  15. What happens with blood in any disease?
  16. Is there any international blood bank in our country?
  17. Why do doctors ask to check platelets count in blood?
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  19. How much is the composition of blood cells in blood?
  20. What is the procedure to get the blood from a blood bank?
  21. Can the blood affect by bacterial infection?
  22. Is blood donation after seventy is allowed?
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  24. Do red blood cells lose their proper shape?
  25. Which blood infections are serious?
  26. Can healthcare people serving Covid patients donate blood?
  27. What are the criteria to donate blood?
  28. What data of a blood donor is collected?
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  30. Is the health status of the blood donor evaluated? 
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  34. Is blood trading legal in the world?
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  37. Who can donate the blood?
  38. Is there any blood trade practice in the world?
  39. Is transfusion beneficial for a blood cancer patient?
  40. Is blood donation voluntary?
  41. Can we say blood is a body fluid in animals?
  42. Does not doing physical exercise affect the blood?
  43. What is the meaning of the quality of the blood components?
  44. What care should we take after blood donation?
  45. In which part of our body blood is created?
  46. Is blood cancer common?
  47. What is blood cancer?
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  49. Is there any difference between an alcoholic and a nonalcoholic person’s blood?
  50. Why is bone marrow replaced in a blood cancer patient?

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  28. Do you always get enough sleep?
  29. What are the worst jobs for our health?
  30. Have you ever been hospitalized?
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  42. Does he avoid medicine when he falls sick?
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  44. Does she consume fruit juice instead of medicine when she is ill?
  45. Should we visit a dentist to checkup teeth without any trouble?
  46. Did she have a lot of stress last year?
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  50. What kind of lifestyle does damage our health?

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  17. Does someone call you a bull brain?
  18. What does bull brain mean?
  19. Do you think that the brain is an essential part of our body?
  20. What is mean by brain dead?
  21. Does the brain have an ability to be shaped by the environment?
  22. What happens if the brain doesn’t function?
  23. How many brains do we have?
  24. What do neuroscientists do to know more about the brain?
  25. Can you explain what is the left brain and right brain?
  26. What do neuroscientists want to know about the brain?
  27. Can a brain be transplanted?
  28. What happens with the brain when a person is in a coma?
  29. Is there any difference between male and female brains?
  30. What is the term’ brainstorming’ mean?
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  32. What is brain drain?
  33. Does our brain is more active in sleep?
  34. Is there any benefit of brain drain to your country?
  35. Does a person get a new personality after a brain transplant?
  36. How does the environment influence our brain?
  37. What does our brain do while we sleep?
  38. Does plasticity allow us to learn things?
  39. How many functions does the brain perform?
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  42. When the brain experiences significant bursts of new growth?
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  50. If you had a brain transplant, would you think differently as a new personality?

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  5. What do you think was the difficult conversation you had in your life?
  6. Which type of work do you think requires you to speak to a lot of people?
  7. What will you prefer to talk about in this session?
  8. Have you spied on your wife?
  9. What kind of questions do you like to answer?
  10. Are there any best friends with who you have conversations regularly?
  11. Do you like to talk about films?
  12. How do you feel about conversations with naughty children?
  13. What topics do you avoid when talking to a stranger?
  14. On what topics should you be alert while talking to a stranger?
  15. Do you dominate in conversation?
  16. What made it challenging to explain your issue?
  17. Do you like to give an opinion on other people's conversations?
  18. How do you tackle conversations after you have been drunk?
  19. Do you feel embarrassing to converse with others when you drink?
  20. What do you think about people who don't speak freely?
  21. Do you like to talk about things that others purchased?
  22. What kind of people do you want to talk to?
  23. Do you like to converse with talkative persons?
  24. Whom were you speaking to in the morning?
  25. Which country's people are challenging to talk to?
  26. Do you like to speak about things that you purchased?
  27. Would you like to choose a partner who is an excellent conversationalist but less attractive?
  28. If you could have a conversation with any celebrity, who would you like to talk to?
  29. What quality makes it easy to talk to any stranger?
  30. Who is the best conversationalist that you have ever met?
  31. What do you like to talk about?
  32. How do you know the other person whether he is generous or not?
  33. What makes you a great conversationalist?
  34. Have you had a great conversation with a foreigner?
  35. What makes a conversation great?
  36. What did you talk about to a foreigner?
  37. Where have you got the chance to converse with a foreigner?
  38. What habits should we enhance to have a good conversation?
  39. Do you feel comfortable about talking on the phone rather than face to face?
  40. What are the good practices you have in conversation with a stranger?
  41. Which bad habits we should avoid in conversations?
  42. With your experience, who communicates better: men or women?
  43. What makes the ladies' conversing style better?
  44. Do you like to converse with a person who always wants to be right?
  45. What makes the conversing type worse?
  46. Do you think that some conversations should be on the phone only?
  47. What did you change in your conversational style?
  48. Do some conversations become easier to have on the phone?
  49. Did you change your conversational style to impress others?
  50. Do you like to argue on a topic that you don't like?

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Questions about School

Here are some of the questions to ask about school in conversation.

Let's have a look-

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  2. When did you start going to school?
  3. Which was the best period of your day?
  4. May I visit the school and sit in on a class?
  5. What was the hardest thing you had to do today?
  6. What teaching methods are used at the school?
  7. Did any of your classmates do anything funny?
  8. How many students are there in your class?
  9. Tell me about what you read in class.
  10. Did you go to a public high school or a private one?
  11. Is it compulsory to wear a school uniform?
  12. What did you play today?
  13. How is your physical trainer?
  14. Do you think math is too complex?
  15. What did you do during your proxy period?
  16. What's the most significant difference between this year and last year?
  17. Is there bullying practice in your school?
  18. What rules do you think are different at school than our rules at home?
  19. Which type of school did you want to go to?
  20. Do you bunk school?
  21. Who did you sit with at lunch?
  22. What is your favourite subject at school?
  23. Who is your class teacher?
  24. Are you allowed to eat in the classrooms?
  25. Can you show me something you learned (or did) today?
  26. Where did you have your lunch during your lunch break?
  27. What do you want to know about?
  28. Are you interested in co-curricular activities?
  29. What are your school's hours?
  30. Who is your favourite teacher?
  31. Do you carry a dictionary to your English classes?
  32. Did you study economics in high school?
  33. How long does it take you to get to school?

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31 Questions about Adoption in Conversation

Adoption is an emotional process. It establishes a person as a parent. But, on the other hand, adopting a child is the act of taking a child legally to take care of as his own.  Nowadays, the frequency of international adoptions increased. Therefore, there are so many questions to ask about adoption.

Questions about Adoption

31 Questions to ask about Adoption

Here are some questions to ask about adoption in conversations.

Let’s have a look-

  1. Is adoption common in your country?
  2. What do you think of adoption?
  3. Would you adopt a kid?
  4. What do you think happens to children who are not adopted?
  5. Do you know anyone who was adopted?
  6. What problems do you think there might be with adoption?
  7. Do you think parents who adopt have the same kind of love for their adopted child as natural parents have with their child?
  8. Is it better to adopt a baby or an older child?
  9. Should people adopt children from the same race?
  10. What happens if the biological parents turn up ten years later and ask for their child back?
  11. Should an adopted child have the same legal right as a non-adopted child?
  12. When should you tell a child he is adopted?
  13. What checks should adoption agencies conduct on prospective parents?
  14. Should same-sex couples or single people be allowed to adopt?
  15. Would you prefer to adopt a child from your own country or an impoverished country?
  16. Do you think international adoption would be a helpful solution for under-populated countries?
  17. What questions do you think a child has when he finds out he is adopted?
  18. Do you think people who adopt have extra-special hearts?
  19. Should brothers and sisters be split apart for adoption?
  20. What happens if the adopted parents decide they don’t like the child after a year or so?
  21. Is there anyone who adopted a child among your friends?
  22. Why do people choose to adopt a child?
  23. What are the reasons people are choosing to adopt a child?
  24. Is there any of your friends who is adopted as a child?
  25. What are the ways of international adoption?
  26. Do people steal a kid to adopt?
  27. What is international adoption?
  28. How do you know this much about adopting a child?
  29. If you have to adopt a child, which will you choose- a boy or a girl?
  30. Should an adopted child know that it is adopted?
  31. How many organizations work help people adopt a child?

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