To enquire about a patient

 Sometimes, our friend or relative get sick.

At that time he is admitted in hospital.

We enquire about him to the doctor and patient also.

Arun, friend of Hemant is admitted in a hospital to cure of dengue.

Hemant enquires about him to the doctor and speaks to Arun.


Have a look-

Hemant: ( to the doctor) Hello doctor. I am Hemant, friend of Arun. How is he now?

Doctor: Better than yesterday. I have given him some medicine.

Hemant: What is diagnosed?

Doctor: Blood is taken to check. I shall have blood report and then I will come to know about his disease. Please can you collect it from pathology lab?

Hemant: Yes, sure. (Hemant collects report and shows to doctor)

Doctor: ( doctor reads report ) He is diagnosed of dengue.

Hemant: Dengue! Dangerous disease!

Doctor: Don’t bother. We shall start medicine now.

Hemant: ( Hemant and doctor go to Arun) Arun,  you will feel better soon.

Doctor: Arun, Now  I shall inject you and you will feel better. (both go)

Hemant: Doctor, will he cure early?

Doctor: Yes he will cure early. We knew early about disease so we could start proper medicine.

Hemant: What should I do now?

Doctor: Better bring these medicines and show me.

Hemant: ( brings medicine and shows to doctor) Tablets and syrup.

Doctor: First you feed him something and then give one tablet and one spoonful syrup now and at night.

Hemant: Yes of course.



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