To book a room in a hotel

A couple goes out of their residence with their child. They have to stay in a hotel.

There is a discussion between a person and a receptionist.

Have a look-

Receptionist: Good morning, sir. How can I help you?

Person: Good morning. I want a room in your hotel.

Receptionist: Single or double? 

Person: We are three and we don’t want to book two rooms. 

Receptionist: It means you want three beds in one room.

Person: Yes actually. What will be the charges?

Receptionist: Five hundred bucks per day and extra fifty for extra bed.

Person:  Total five hundred and fifty bucks, very high rates.

Receptionist: No sir, this hotel has reasonable rates; others are more expensive so people like to stay here.

Person:  Ok, no matter. Book it.

Receptionist: For how many days should I book sir?

Person: Three days.

Receptionist: Ok .You will be happy by staying here sir.

Person: Ok. What is the check out time?

Receptionist: 12 o’clock. Please fill up the form and sign here.

Person: Room service?

Receptionist: Yes of course, and we can arrange taxi for local tours also.

Person: Very nice, then get a taxi for us after two hours.

Receptionist: Yes sir taxi will be ready.

Person: Should I pay here for taxi?

Receptionist: Yes you will be billed for taxi here itself.

Person: Nice service!

Receptionist: Thank you sir. We matter client’s happiness.



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