When we have to sell something, we have to convince the consumer to purchase.

Charwak is selling a Grammar book written by his grandfather.


Have a look-

Charwak: Hello uncle, I have a nice book for you. Would you like to see?

Consumer: No, I am not interested in any book.

Charwak: It’s a Grammar book.

Consumer: Ok Grammar book, I would like to see.

Charwak: Yes check this. You will not get this in the market.

Consumer: By cover it seems nice.

Charwak: Yes it is and you won’t get such type of explanation to learn easily.

Consumer: ( opens book and read) Oh, this is of different style.

Charwak: Yes this is useful for students, teachers and parents also.

Consumer: Yes interesting and easy way to learn.

Charwak: This is a unique system of learning.

Consumer: What is this table of?

Charwak: This is of construction, how to construct sentence.

Consumer: Can I speak correct by learning this system?

Charwak: Yes of course. See first sentence, read it and let me know how it is.

Consumer: Ok very easy! I understood without your help.

Charwak: Yes that’s why it’s unique.

Consumer: What is the title of the book? I didn’t see.

Charwak: Unique System of Learning English.

Consumer: I can buy this. How much to pay?

Charwak: One hundred bucks.

Consumer: ( consumer pays) Have it.

Charwak: Thank you. Have a good day.

Consumer: My pleasure. You too


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