Mother and class teacher

Class teacher asks a student to call her mother to meet. She has to speak about the student’s progress with her mother.

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Mother: Good morning Mrs. Pathak. I am Pornima Varma, Sachi’s mother. Sachi told me that you wanted to see me.                

Teacher: Yes, come here. See her monthly progress report. 

Mother: Yes, she has failed in Maths and Science.        

Teacher: Don’t you ask her to study?       

Mother: She doesn’t take interest in studies. I am worried about her.

Teacher: I noticed that she can’t read the book properly. 

Mother: Yes, I also think so. She also complains of headache.   

Teacher:  Better get her to an eye specialist.    

Mother: Yes, I will take her to an eye specialist and consult regarding her general health also.                             

Teacher: Besides, she needs extra attention for maths and science. Where does she go for coaching?             

Mother:  Sapana coaching classes.     

Teacher: Meet head of that class and show him progress report.     

Mother: Yes, I will do.                      

Teacher:  Pay more attention to her.   

Mother: I shall try my level best.            

Teacher: It will be better and ask her tuition teacher to take her basics first.

Mother: Ok and thank you for informing me .Please keep me informing.

Teacher: Yes, yes of course.               

Mother: Thank you.                         



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