Use of ‘will’

‘Will’ is used with ‘he’, she, it and any subject other than ‘I’ and ‘we’ to express something to be done in future.

Formation of this sentence is as;

Subject (you/he/ she / it/ they /any singular or plural subject) + will + base form of verb + remaining words

Here are some examples.

Have a look-

  1. He will go to the market.
  2. She will cook sweet for us.
  3. They will come on Monday.
  4. It will eat an apple.
  5. Anil will solve an English exercise.
  6. Gaurav will play in the ground.
  7. My parents will go for a walk in the evening.
  8. Shamali will study in the college library.
  9. She will work hard to achieve her goal.
  10. Students will watch an air strike documentary.
  11. You will buy a book for me.
  12. They will collect stamps.
  13. Amruta will write a story of genius country boy.
  14. Cleaner will clean our house tomorrow.
  15. She will inquire about a bus.
  16. My mother will purchase some vegetables.
  17. Sameer will go by bus to his home town.
  18. They will read this magazine.
  19. Students will have fun in a trip.
  20. She will have her own house.
  21. He will send you a message.
  22. His brother will receive him at the airport.
  23. Smita will reach there by 10 o’clock.
  24. Her father will solve that issue early.
  25. Chetan will watch a cartoon movie.
  26. Karan will plan to go out next week.
  27. You will observe the lane.
  28. They will communicate with each other.
  29. You will drink hot water in the morning.
  30. His mother will save some money for the tour.

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