About weather

Here are some sentences to be spoken about weather.

Have a look-

  1. It is very cold today.  
  2. There is fog everywhere.
  3. It was very hot yesterday.
  4. It was too hot to bear.
  5. The wind was not blowing.
  6. We feel sick due to bad weather.
  7. It’s bit overcast.  
  8. Yes, it’s raining.  
  9. Sky is covered with cloud.
  10. Do you expect showery weather in the evening? 
  11. It might be thunderstorm tonight.
  12. There is humidity in air.  
  13. Due drops on the leaves look like pearls.
  14. I couldn’t get out yesterday due to pouring.
  15. It was sultry day before yesterday.
  16. There is too much smoke in the air.
  17. Precipitation will be 0% today.
  18. Dust particles are also moving in the air.
  19. This air causes lungs disease.
  20. Bomb cyclone hammers western part.
  21. Rajesh was caught in the storm. 
  22. India’s northeast monsoon will begin soon. 
  23. There is possibility of blowing wind at 8kmph.
  24. Monsoon has withdrawn from Mumbai.
  25. Evening thundershower is possible this week.
  26. There is excessive heating of the ground.
  27. Mumbai rains surpassed the previous record.
  28. Mumbai is experiencing partly cloudy skies today.
  29. Thunder and lightning activity will intensify.
  30. Rise in temperature is delayed due to delay of monsoon.

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