Use of ‘was’

‘Was’ is a past form of ‘to be’. We can use ‘was’ with I, he, she, it or any subject of third person, singular number in simple sentences.

Let’s see how to use ‘was’ in a sentence.

We can use was to tell about past -

  • state of being
  • profession
  • physical condition
  • continuous action in present

Formation of sentence

Formation of this sentence is as;

  • Subject (I/he/ she/ it/ singular noun) + was + remaining words

To tell about the past state 

In this lesson, we shall discuss how to tell about the past state of being. Here are some sentences. The formation is as above.

Have a look-

  1. She was a girl.
  2. He was a boy.
  3. Sarika was happy.
  4. Balu was very tired.
  5. She was bored.
  6. He was a peaceful person.
  7. Sameer was present.
  8. She was very happy.
  9. He was extremely sorry.
  10. My brother was surprised.
  11. Her sister was sad.
  12. She was thirsty.
  13. He was frightened.
  14. She was eighteen years old.
  15. Nayana was seventeen.
  16. He was an old person.
  17. Teacher was angry.
  18. He was mischievous.
  19. His father was a tragic person.
  20. Her mother was superstitious.
  21. She was innocent.
  22. Saumya was helpful.
  23. He was active.
  24. She was very helpful.
  25. Anand was talented.
  26. He was handsome.
  27. She was very beautiful.
  28. Motorman was very cautious.
  29. He was a comic person.
  30. Sameer was a loyal person.

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