Use of ‘did’

‘Did’ is a past form of ‘do’.

Did is used with all pronouns, that is I, we, you, he, she, it, they, any singular and plural noun in past tense.

We use did as helping verb to ask question in past tense.

We can use ‘did’-

  1. as main verb
  2. to form a negative sentence
  3. to ask question
  4. to show certainty of the description

We can use did as main verb.

Formation is as;

Subject + did + remaining words.

Have a look-

  1. I did it carefully. 
  2. You did it with concentration.
  3. We did as you told.
  4. They did planning in the office.
  5. You did your best in exam.
  6. She did his favor last Monday.
  7. He did well on stage.
  8. They did too much for me in my difficult days.
  9. He did his computerized work in his room.
  10. You did according to your convenience.
  11. I did as she told me to do.
  12. We did discussion on this topic with her mother.
  13. She did research on plants at different sites.
  14. I did painting on Sunday.
  15. We did our laundry on Saturday.
  16. Cleaner did cleaning on Monday.
  17. They did their homework in the night.
  18. Employees did their work well.
  19. Staff did office work in time.
  20. They did good job.
  21. They did it once again to get the bag.
  22. You did as your wish in those days.
  23. We did according to situation at that time.
  24. I did it on my own in the last month.
  25. They did it properly.
  26. We did well on stage.
  27. You did it on your own.
  28. She did as I did in that program.
  29. I did my duty well yesterday.
  30. We did our best.

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