Use of pronoun ‘these’

Pronoun 'these' is used to tell about anything which are far and plural numbered noun.

Formation of these sentences are as;

These + are + other words

These + subject + are + other words

Let’s have a look-

Have a look-

  1. These are oranges.
  2. These pens are of yellow colour.
  3. These are oil paintings.
  4. These are the books I need.
  5. These are my pens.
  6. These are your pencils.
  7. These are pink flowers.
  8. These are soft toys.
  9. These boys are very clever.
  10. These cycles are useful for handicaps.
  11. These guys are very tall.
  12. These boys are scholar.
  13. These are my flowers.
  14. These books are mine.
  15. These clothes are blue in colour.
  16. These are CDs of an event.
  17. These cell phones are very attractive.
  18. These are printing machines.
  19. These are mens’ wear.
  20. These chairs are of red colour.
  21. These students are in sixth standard.
  22. These are shortcut methods to learn mathematics.
  23. These are whiteboards.
  24. These are miniatures.
  25. These TV channels are awesome.
  26. These bags are attractive.
  27. These bags are handmade.
  28. These utensils are clean.
  29. These are girls’ clothes.
  30. These boys are handsome.

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