Speaking with servant

There are so many works to be done in our house. We need someone to help us. Here are some sentences spoken with our servant.

Have a look-

  • Come here.
  • First you clean the floor.
  • Broom is at the corner.
  • Take water in the small bucket.
  • Use mop.
  • Madam, floor cleaning is over.
  • Rinse mop and put it in the Sun.
  • Pick up those books.
  • Where should I put those?
  • Keep those in study room.
  • Arrange all books in study room.
  • Give that file to me.
  • Keep those pens in pen stand.
  • Arrange a cupboard.
  • Sort out those clothes.
  • I sorted all clothes.
  • Keep those in separate sections.
  • What about woolen clothes?
  • Woolen clothes are not necessary now.
  • Collect all woolen clothes and keep those in one section.
  • Close the cupboard.
  • Clean utensils.
  • Keep lid on that bowl.
  • Cook food.
  • Cooking is over.
  • May I leave now?
  • Yes, you may.
  • Try to come early tomorrow.
  • Ok, bye.
  • Bye.

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