Speaking out of home

When we go out of home, there are different situations we see. We speak according to these situations.

Have a look-

  • Where does this road lead?
  • This road leads to Mumbai.
  • Where is bus stop?
  • Bus stop is near.
  • How is the bus frequency?
  • Bus frequency is very low at this bus stop.
  • Better you go to next bus stop.
  • Always walk on the foot path.
  • Shopping mall is just next to the railway station.
  • Mall is very nice.
  • There is multiplex also.
  • We see richness at this place.
  • This is a place for rich people.
  • This place is not affordable to us.
  • One should earn at least hundred thousand per month to stay here. 
  • Oh, it’s beyond our capacity.
  • We should be the owner of a company.
  • Not necessary, we can earn by other means also.
  • I forgot. I have a meeting.
  • I should reach there in time. Come what may.
  • Take cab so that you will reach in time.
  • You have done good job.
  • Better suggestion.
  • There is too much traffic everywhere in Mumbai.
  • We have to manage the time very carefully.
  • Survival in Mumbai is very tough.
  • But everyone can get the source of income here.
  • I had nice time with you.
  • Thank you.
  • Me too.


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