Speaking in the hotel

  1. Is there any room available in this hotel?
  2. What are the charges for a single bedroom?
  3. We charge twenty dollars a day.
  4. OK, then it is affordable.
  5. What is my room number?
  6. Ask a boy to take my luggage to the room.
  7. Do you have Indian food?
  8. Yes, off course. Choose from the menu card.
  9. Please send my breakfast to my room.
  10. Could you please call me a cab?
  11. Off course! We have cab service also.
  12. Now I am going out.
  13. Do you lock the front door at night?
  14. Yes, but you can ring the bell.
  15. I’ll be back around eleven o’clock.
  16. Was there any phone call for me?
  17. I have an appointment with some people.
  18. Send my visitors to my room.
  19. Get some snacks for my visitors.
  20. Can I get another separate sitting room?
  21. Yes, you will have to pay extra for it.
  22. No problem, add it in my bill.
  23. Arrange ten chairs in that room.
  24. Can I use this phone?
  25. Yes, sure. The phone facility is complimentary.
  26. Your service is good.
  27. Can you arrange a Delhi train ticket for me?
  28. I have to check out.
  29. Send me a bill.
  30. Here is your bill. Thank you.

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