Speaking at home

When we are in kitchen, bedroom, living room or study room: we speak different sentences.

Have a look- 

  1. Clean the kitchen top.
  2. Light a gas stove.
  3. Lighter is on top of the stove.
  4. Try a new dish today.
  5. First of all I’ll make tea.
  6. Would anyone like a cup of tea?
  7. Help me to wash the cups.
  8. What is for breakfast?
  9. She cooks rice in a different way.
  10. Someone is knocking at the door.
  11. Open the door.
  12. Please have a seat.
  13. Sofa is very nice and comfortable also.
  14. Keep your all books in the shelf.
  15. Hang that board on the wall.
  16. Stick up the timetable on it.
  17. Here is your chair and table.
  18. Pay attention to your study.
  19. Close the door.
  20. Is there anything good on TV?
  21. Do you want to put the TV on?
  22. For ten minutes.
  23. Could you pass me the remote control?
  24. It’s too late. You should go to bed now.
  25. Put the light on please.
  26. You are still awake.
  27. Change the bed sheet.
  28. Now go to sleep.
  29. Wake up at 6 o’clock.
  30. Have your bath early.

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