Sentences of Emphasis

When we speak, we emphasize something.

Have a look-

  1. Do come tomorrow.
  2. I do write.
  3. Yes, off course.
  4. Do check the account.
  5. Don’t forget.
  6. You must work hard.
  7. You don’t work hard, do you?
  8. Off course I do.
  9. Please keep quite.
  10. Please keep working.
  11. Are you really happy?
  12. Indeed, I am happy.
  13. I am really serious at my studies.
  14. Sam did speak to Shraddha.
  15. Are you really meeting him?
  16. Must I present there?
  17. Yes, you must.
  18. It is really awesome.
  19. Smoking is not permitted in the office.
  20. We must be present for the meeting.
  21. Be careful!
  22. There are so less Rhinos.
  23. It was she who cheated me.
  24. What we do isn’t always useful.
  25. No that’s not true.
  26. Seldom have I felt sad.
  27. What we need is a calm place.
  28. I never go at her house.
  29. Result is expected by Monday.
  30. Rachana is always getting into trouble.


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