Report writing

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This question is about writing of report of some incident.

Helping points, questions or words may be given.

If those points are given, read carefully and use all those points.

  • This should be written as newspaper report in formal language.

  • Keep in mind to write sentences mostly in passive voice.

  • Write the report as incident was happened in front of you.

  • If heading is given, write it otherwise name it accordingly which should be catchy and short.

  • Report should be started with the name of the place and date of publishing.

  • You should write only the important details of the incident or event.

  • Explanation should give answer of questions like ‘why’, ‘what happened’, ‘where’, ‘at what time’, ‘how’ and so on.

  • If necessary, comments of officials or people involved in that incident should be included.

  • It should consist of only one paragraph up to 20 lines.

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