With the Property Dealer



Mrinal has to rent a flat. She came to a property dealer. There is a discussion.

Have a look-

Mrinal: Good morning. 

Property dealer: Good morning, Maim. Please have a seat. How can I help you?

Mrinal: I have to rent a flat.  

Property dealer: In which area will you prefer?     

Mrinal: In Powai. 

Property dealer: What do you do maim?  

Mrinal: I am Government servant, an Education officer, transferred to Mumbai.

Property dealer: What type of flat would you like?

Mrinal: Two bedroom kitchen.

Property dealer: On which floor would you like? 

Mrinal: I shall prefer first floor but it must be airy and Sun facing flat.

Property dealer: When have you to see flat?

Mrinal: Now. I have to shift within one month.

Property dealer: Now it is not possible but   give me your phone number. I shall note it and call you.  

Mrinal: Yes of course. (Tells her number) 

Property dealer: I shall call you within two to three days.

Mrinal: What is your commission?

Property dealer: Total three months maim, two of mine and one of society.

Mrinal: Ok, please let me know early. 

Property dealer: Yes, of course. Bye. 


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