Prepositions related to time


Sometimes prepositions give relation to time.

Have a look-

  1. He will arrive in three days.                                                
  2. He will arrive within three days.                                         
  3. She completed her work within two hours.                     
  4. You will receive it in two days.                                           
  5. He will receive this parcel within four days.                     
  6. Tell me within two days.                                                     
  7. Nayana will come back in two days.                                 
  8. Rachana will get her result within 8 days.                         
  9. Diwali falls on twelfth November.                                             
  10. I have to reach there on sixth October.                                 
  11. I have a meeting on Monday.                                               
  12. Children day falls on fourteenth November.                                   
  13. We always go out on Sunday.                                               
  14. I reached there at four o’clock.                                                   
  15. She met me at half past two.                                                 
  16. She studies everyday for four hours.                                     
  17. It was open for one hour.                                                       
  18. Show was about to start.                                                       
  19. It was open about one hour.                                                   



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