Miscellaneous sentences

Here are some miscellaneous sentences.

Have a look-

  1. He is my friend.    
  2. It is not the correct answer. 
  3. It’s me.  
  4. It doesn’t matter.
  5. It matters.  
  6. My dress is pink. Your dress is pink too.
  7. She explained it beautifully. 
  8. I am not a fool.
  9. Don’t behave with me as a fool.   
  10. What was the news?  
  11. When should I see you?   
  12. Listen to me.  
  13. Time is money.  
  14. Life is precious. 
  15. What are your future plans? 
  16. I have to grow my business.
  17. He captured the nature beautifully in his camera.
  18. Everything is ok. 
  19. Nothing is ok. 
  20. What a mess!
  21. Conclude that chapter.
  22. Be calm for the sake of your health.
  23. It’s not your business.
  24. Mind your business.
  25. You have too much dirt in your mind.
  26. I take my children to the garden in the evening.
  27. She doesn’t have much time.
  28. What happened? Is she very serious?
  29. I shall help you in your difficult situation.
  30. You can ask me for anything you need.