Use of ‘has’

‘Has’ is used with ‘he’,’ she’, ‘it’ or singular third person nouns in present. Let’s see how to use ‘has’ in a sentence.

We can use ‘has’ to explain about-

  • possession of anything in present
  • physical feeling
  • relationships
  • the action to do in present
  • action completed in present

Has is used to explain about possession of anything in present.

We shall see how to form a sentence to explain about possession of anything.

Formation of sentence

We can form a sentence as-

Subject (he / she / it/ any singular noun) + has + remaining words.

In these sentences, ‘has’ is used as main verb.

Here are some examples.

Let’s have a look-

  1. He has a red tie and red cufflinks.
  2. She has long golden hair.
  3. Sheela has a book with plastic cover. 
  4. Sameer has a computer with graphic card.
  5. Gaurav has so much work load in office.
  6. She has a collection of ornaments.
  7. He has an auto driving car.
  8. Neela has two step sisters. (relationship)
  9. Dolly has a pink doll.
  10. Nikita has a dozen of pencils.
  11. He has two bedroom flat in Mumbai.
  12. Sheela has severe headache. (physical feeling)
  13. He has pain in his ankle.
  14. She has a piano with its stand.
  15. It has four sharp sides.
  16. He has a meeting at 2pm today.
  17. She has a black pant with two pockets.
  18. A tiger has black stripes on its body.
  19. It has attractive blue eyes.
  20. A nurse has a difficult job.
  21. A teacher has a laptop to teach students.
  22. This boy has a blue dress.
  23. A bird has wings to fly.
  24. An animal has a tail.
  25. A squirrel has a beautiful bushy tail.
  26. Parth has a small school bag.
  27. Saurabh has a new white coloured scale.
  28. She has a gate pass of that event. 
  29. He has a controversial life.
  30. Suvarna has many types of boxes.
  31. He has two paintings painted by M. F. Husain.

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