About dress

Some generally spoken sentences.

  1. Your top cloth is very shiny.
  2. I got it for hundred bucks per meter.
  3. It is sewed in nice way.
  4. Indian women mostly drape sari.
  5. There are so many types of design.
  6. I purchased these shirts for my son.
  7. He likes such type of t-shirt.
  8. Her dress is similar to mine.
  9. This top is loose for me.
  10. This coat is loose at the waist.
  11. But it is a waterproof coat.
  12. Don’t put on wet clothes.
  13. It is raining, wear a raincoat.
  14. He likes t-shirts of latest fashion.
  15. I have white uniform.
  16. To put on blue uniform is compulsory.
  17. Give my clothes to laundry. 
  18. Iron my pant.
  19. This shirt is very warm.
  20. It is of cotton.   
  21. I liked blue one-piece.
  22. She prefers knee length top.
  23. He wore black shirt, dhoti and turban.
  24. Her blouse is of chintz.
  25. She draped yellow sari at the party.
  26. Dhoti and kurta is native Indian dress for men.
  27. Lahenga choli is traditional dress for girls.
  28. Sari is unstitched piece of cloth.
  29. Ghagra is worn with a belt around the waist.
  30. Maharashtrian sari is longer than the usual one.

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